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Jasmine A, Romeo - Her Mission

Busty brunette Jasmine A has no problem distracting Romeo from his tablet, as Anna Richards’ erotic movie “Her Mission” begins. Straddling the ebony hunk, she offers him her beautiful breasts to suck and squeeze. She kisses her way down his body, taking his thick cock in her mouth and sucking until it’s rigid. Romeo flips Jasmine onto her back, lavishing attention on her breasts, then peels off her panties and eats her pussy voraciously. He thrusts into her in missionary, her legs spread high and wide for the deepest penetration. Fucking her vigorously, Romeo drives her wild, then rolls them over so she’s on top. Jasmine rides hard, sexy ass rippling with each bounce. They flip again, slamming together feverishly until they orgasm in unison, breathless and laughing.

Models: Jasmine A / Romeo