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Serina Gomez - Warmth Of Home

Cute brunette Serina Gomez is snuggled up on the sofa with Maxmilian Dior, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Warmth Of Home” begins. Bored with the film they’re watching, she has a much better idea of how to pass the time, unzipping her man’s jeans and wrapping her lips around his hard cock. He pretends to concentrate on the movie, but he’s soon grinning appreciatively as Serina jerks and sucks his dick. Getting naked, Serina straddles Max in cowgirl, her beautiful breasts jiggling in his face as she rides vigorously. He clutches her sexy ass, gazing into her eyes as she slides up and down his thick pole, the powerful sensations driving her wild. Max goes down to eat Serina’s shaved pussy, making her quiver and moan. She mounts him again, her arms wrapped around him and her hips rocking sensuously; then he flips her onto her back, still impaled on his cock, and fucks her in missionary. They switch to reverse cowgirl, Max’s fingers dancing on Serina’s clit and her breasts bouncing wildly as she rides to an intense orgasm. They don’t stop until she climaxes again and he fills her with hot cum.

Models: Serina Gomez