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Sophie Lynx - Give Me More

The moment we set eyes on Sophie Lynx in director Andrej Lupin's "Give Me More," one thing becomes obvious and apparent: her sexual fever is rising, she is hungry, and she is horny. Alone in the serenity and privacy of her bedroom she indulges her appetite, caressing her body, touching and teasing, then proceeding to pleasure herself. When Thomas Lee unexpectedly appears she's surprised, startled - she's been "caught in the act."

But in an instant her embarrassment evaporates and she quickly decides to take advantage of this unforeseen opportunity. She spreads her legs wide and offers herself eagerly - the look in her eyes is one of lust and delight as she watches Lee savor her flesh. Lynx is no less enthusiastic when she fellates her partner - giving pleasure is obviously something she takes her own pleasure in - but all of this is only a prelude to what she craves most desperately, and once he's entered her she revels in every pump and thrust.

Even after an explosive orgasm Lynx craves additional pleasures, and by the time "Give Me More" reaches its final climax it's abundantly clear she's gotten exactly what she asked for.

Models: Sophie Lynx