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Sandy Ambrosia - The Way To You

The open road, a chance meeting, and love - or, rather, lust - at first sight are the incendiary ingredients of Andrej Lupin's "The Way to You." Kristof Cale is enjoying a drive through the countryside. He's got nowhere to be, no destination in mind, nothing better to do than simply enjoy the ride. Sandy Ambrosia is hitchhiking her way to the Czech city of Brno, but nobody stops until Cale pulls over and offers her a lift. The attraction is nearly instantaneous.

Cale turns down a narrow, sparsely traveled country lane, Ambrosia gets out to stretch her long legs, and when she returns to the car it's on! The couple clinch and kiss hungrily, but only for a moment or two. Ambrosia already has her hand in Cale's pants and strokes his erect cock energetically, then she drops to her knees and devours him. Cale has appetites of his own - he pulls down Sandy's pants, hoists her onto the hood of his car, and eats her until they're both satisfied. With Ambrosia bent over and leaning against the car for support Cale enters her from behind. They fuck vigorously, passionately, in this position, and then another, until they explode in simultaneous orgasm.

Heartfelt, heated, raw and spontaneous, "The Way to You" offers a wild erotic ride.

Models: Sandy Ambrosia