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Noa Tevez - Polarize

Gorgeous brunette Noa Tevez seduces Jimmy Bud with her provocative body language. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Polarize” begins, the sexy Latina caresses her lovely breasts and strokes herself through her panties, then approaches Jimmy and takes off his reflective sunglasses so they can share sizzling eye contact as she straddles him. Jimmy sucks Noa’s stiff nipples as she grinds in his lap, freeing his rigid cock from his pants and jerking it sensuously. Peeling off her panties, she impales herself cowgirl style and starts to ride, her luscious ass rising and falling as she moans with arousal. Noa dismounts and bends over the coffee table so Jimmy can lick her pussy from behind, then slides down on his dick in reverse cowgirl. He strums her clit as she bounces up and down, then flips her into spoons so he can thrust harder. Noa has a blissful orgasm before Jimmy fills her with cum, and they lie in each other’s arms, glowing with satisfaction.

Models: Noa Tevez