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Melisa Black - Our Common Day

It is a relaxed, casual day much like any other - Mirko Sweet sits on the couch and reads the newspaper while his girlfriend, Melisa Black, vacuums the floor of their apartment. And then, like so many other days like this, Mirko's focus shifts from the paper to Melisa's plush body.

Sports scores and household chores are quickly abandoned as the lovers fall into a playful clinch. Director Andrej Lupin captures this afternoon of domestic bliss with his usual light and unobtrusive touch, and his performers - both making their SexArt debuts in "Our Common Day" - have a natural, comfortable chemistry that gives the encounter an extra layer of romantic realism. Understated in its style and genuine in its interaction, emotion, and passion, "Our Common Day" provides a viewing experience that is both informal and easily enjoyable.

Models: Melisa Black