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Melena A - Lost in a Dream - VOL 1

Melena A has appeared in eight Sexart erotic still photo galleries to date. Alis Locanta's "Lost in a Dream - Vol. #1" is her Sexart HD erotic movie debut, and it's nothing less than a dream come true. Locanta quickly and skillfully establishes the mood and premise - clad in a white tank and pink lace panties Melena A is asleep in a dimly lit room. When she begins to dream her subtle sleeping movements suggest the erotic nature of the images in her mind, and then we're treated to those visions. Surrounded by lights, tripods, and photo equipment, Melena A, styled to the nines and glammed up in sexy sheer lingerie, is posing for a fantasy photo session. As she plays to the unseen camera she begins to play with herself.

Even those who are intimately familiar with Melena A through her still photos will be dazzled anew by her beauty and the uninhibited, natural, joyous performance she delivers here. As sleeping Melena dreams, waking Melena masturbates with ever increasing hunger and intensity. After three costume changes - from sexy, to sexier, to sexiest! - the magnificent model brings herself to a final, delightfully vocal, and extremely intense orgasm.

"Lost in a Dream - Vol. 1" is stunning Sexart motion picture debut for its star, and a promising launch for a sizzling new series.

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