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Lily LaBeau - Upper West Side III

So I get a call from my dear friend, Logan Pierce, one morning a few weeks ago. He says, and I quote, "Dude, I had this dream last night.
I was lost in this place, I don't know where, and then before I knew it I was in your New York loft on the Upper West Side. I was with this woman... A stranger. She has a mask. She was beautiful, tall, mysterious, and she had short, cropped hair..."

My response was, "Dude, that's amazing. I have to film that." So I called Lily LaBeau and had her and Logan flown out to the Upper West Side where we recreated Logan's dream.
While I was filming I began to see that Lily and Logan were completely into the fantasy and very into each other, and before I knew it something deeper took over between them that I was lucky enough to catch on film.
Have a look to see what I mean in The Upper West Side 3, Logan's Run.

Models: Lily LaBeau