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Kattie Gold - Vintage Collection - Seduction

The fourth installment of Andrej Lupin's nostalgic, atmospheric series, "Vintage Collection - Seduction," introduces Kattie Gold, a cream-skinned and shapely redhead, playing a woman with desires that will not be denied. Her partner here, Kristof Cale, is aloof, at least at first, but proves to be more than willing to fulfill those desires.

Stiff nipples visible through the skin-tight fabric of her crimson dress provide a clue to Gold's already aroused state, and as she puts on a show of caressing her clothed body - and then raises the hem of her dress to reveal the absence of panties - she has clearly captured Cale's full attention. Grasping his necktie the seductress pulls Kristof to a delicious destination and he eagerly eats her pussy for several satisfying minutes. After slipping out of her dress Gold sits on Cale's rigid prick, rubbing her round ass back and forth in preparation for penetration.

She then treats herself to a reverse cowgirl ride pausing only to satisfy her own oral urges. Rear entry in the doggie stance follows, as does another brief blowjob, and then by a spoon style screw to an internal finish. Sultry, stylish, and satisfying, it's impossible to resist "Vintage Collection - Seduction."

Models: Kattie Gold