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Gertie - La Dolce Vita Turisti Per Caso

Drama, passion, fireworks - when we think of romantic entanglements these are often the things that stand out and linger in memory. But romantic relationships are complex and varied. While the "big" moments and dramatic events may loom large, it is often the quiet times, the simple events of daily life, that give a relationship its heart and soul.

In Alis Locanta's "La Dolce Vita Turisti Per Caso" the director examines one of these low key yet entirely romantic interludes. A couple has spent a relaxing day enjoying the sights — and one another — as you'd expect young lovers on vacation to do. Later, while they lounge together, the mood turns amorous. One kiss inspires another, a caress invites further contact. There is nothing overly dramatic or theatrical about it — we're simply in the room as a man and a woman give their love for one another a warm, sincere, and physical expression.

Gertie and Pablo Ferrari play their parts to perfection and make this afternoon of relaxed and spontaneous sex a genuine delight.

Models: Gertie