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Bella Baby - Desire

No matter what it is, what you call it, or how you define it - sex, intimacy, connection, romance, release, passion, communion, orgasm, or love - when you feel sexual desire nothing else matters. That's the theme and thrust of Andrej Lupin's "Desire."

It starts simply enough. Bella Baby is preening, primping, and preparing for a date. Every detail is calculated to arouse, and once she's ready she's not only emotionally prepared, she's also dressed to thrill. Mr. Jacob arrives right on time and rather than waste time at dinner or a movie they head straight for the one thing they both crave so urgently: private time on the bed back at his place. The urges driving "Desire" are powerful but they are never rushed. When Mr. Jacob eats Bella Baby he's not only priming her for what is yet to come, he's also enjoying the sweet, moist flavor of her pink flesh.

And when the ultimate connection is finally achieved it, too, is enjoyed to the fullest. Cries of ecstasy fill the night, skin glows with heat and sweat, two hearts beat as one, and orgasms are both plentiful and powerful in "Desire."

Models: Bella Baby