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Amirah Abada - Our Time

Forget the concerns of the outside world. Occupations, responsibilities, social commitments - those are for another day, another time, some other place. In "Our Time" Amirah Abada and Matt Bird savor every precious second of their time together.

For all intents and purposes they are the only two people in the world, no one else matters, and they have but one shared desire: to experience the ultimate in erotic pleasure. As the wind ruffles the leaves of the trees outside the couple are transported by desire. A kiss, a caress - once they've started there is no turning back, and "Our Time" progresses at a passionate pace. Loving, tender and sensitive, "Our Time" is also passionate, raw, and torrid.

"Our Time" may belong to its two stars - but fortunately for the viewer, they're willing to share.

Models: Amirah Abada