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Adrianne Simpson - Vintage Collection - Mrs. Simpson

Andrej Lupin's "Vintage Collection" series isn't concerned with plot or narrative, rather it exploits the nostalgic appeal of bygone eras to add rich and evocative atmosphere to various erotic encounters. The fifth installment in the series, "Vintage Collection - Mrs. Simpson," employs a bossa nova soundtrack to transport the viewer back in time. The film's stars - Adrianne Simpson and Lutro - are both making their first appearance in a Sexart feature, but there's nothing at all tentative about their performances.

As the title suggests, Adrianne Simpson is married in this role, but one quickly gets the feeling that Lutro is not her husband. This hint of an extramarital affair adds an extra bit of spice to an encounter that boasts ample heat in its own right. After a bit of passionate kissing and caressing the action rapidly escalates. Adrianne displays both skill and her own personal pleasure while sucking Lutro's cock, and even after she's taken that cock in her pussy she insists they pause for a bit so that she can suck it some more. Between bouts of screwing Lutro also dispenses oral pleasure, first from behind, and then when Adrianne is spread-eagled on her back.

"Mrs. Simpson" surges to a passionate and vigorous conclusion that leaves both participants drained and glowing - and makes this film a welcome addition to the "Vintage Collection."