Elle Alexandra, Malena Morgan, Rilee Marks – Dreamer II – Dreamers Dream

We are back in Malena’s lucid reoccurring dream where she’s on a bed atop a bluff overlooking the ocean.  Only now Malena desires company to help her cum.  And just like magic, Elle appears and begins to service Malena’s hottest desires. 

What Malena doesn’t know is that Elle has some desires of her own, and soon Rilee enters into the mix for some of the hottest and real orgasmic lovemaking ever captured on film.

Elle Alexandra, Lexi Bloom, Malena Morgan – Stepping Out

Three equally seductive young women, each with a unique erotic appeal come together for a night on the town. Malena Morgan is the stunning brunette with an amazing athletic build and bewitching gaze, while Lexi Bloom is the leggy babe who’s blessed with svelte limbs and ever-erect nipples.

Elle Alexandra, on the other hand, is the naughty redhead with nubile appeal and enviable pale skin. Together, theis trio can make any dull night a raunchy three-way fuck fest that will surely blow your mind.

Elle Alexandra, Malena Morgan, Rilee Marks – Decadence

The setting is an enormous cliff house in the Malibu Hills.

It’s night and a giant fireplace roars with an orange glow as Rilee, Elle and Malena prepare to reach new levels of erotic pleasure in what can only be described at true sexual decadence.

Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan – Secret Love

It’s a rare thing when two people are in love, and it’s even more rare to capture that honest love on film. What you are about to see is two women in love with each other, in mind, body and spirit.

Alone in a setting by the sea, these two women become one in the throws of erotic love making, climaxing again and again in each other’s arms.

Malena Morgan – Dreamer

Enter the mind of Malena Morgan as she shares a lucid dream with us. In her dream, she appears on a bed atop a bluff overlooking the ocean. Here she is a goddess, where no one else matters or even exists.

Here Malena can explore her own body and bring her to levels of climax that would make anyone cum where they stand.

Hayden Hawkins – Butterfly Blue

Enter Hayden’s dream. She appears at the far end of the stone mansion in the Malibu hills. She’s wearing a tight fitting outfit and spike high-heels. No one is around for miles.

When she approaches the mansion’s front door, it opens all by itself, letting Hayden enter the hall where she strips down and masturbates for us.

Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan – ArtRock

One of the most erotic music videos in the adult world starring Malena Morgan and Elle Alexandra. It is also the debut of our Original SexArt music, Champions. Malena plays a dominatrix controlling Elle, her submissive sex slave.

You’re senses will vibrate as you watch Malena and Elle dance their way to one of the hottest orgasms on film.

Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan – Chateau

There is this little cabin in the hills by the ocean. Not much to look at, just a bedroom and a kitchen in this private and secluded cottage. Elle is taking an afternoon nap when Malena enters, waking Elle with soft caresses and tender kisses.

Soon they become embraced in passionate lovemaking. Like a fly on the wall, we watch as they both climax for each other.

Malena Morgan – El Fuego Del Corazon

Spend 8 minutes with one of the hottest adult stars in America, Malena Morgan. She’s just taken a refreshing steam and is feeling very horny. She’s all alone and she’s got her favorite clitoris stimulator.

Watch as this amazing and erotic woman brings herself to the highest levels of pleasure possible.

Lexi Bloom – Lexi Luv

Lexi sits alone reading a book by the fire in her castle of marble and stone. It’s not long before her mind fills with thought of romance and pleasure.

With no one else around, she strips for us and makes use of her favorite erotic toy, bringing herself to creamy orgasmic ecstasy. Truly one hot scene.

Rilee Marks – Cellist

Did you know that Rilee Marks plays the cello? Well now you do. To Rilee, the cello is like an erotic instrument, not unlike a woman, and when she plays she get really turned on.

Watch her play and listen to her tell us how it turns her on. Then watch her strip down and pleasure herself to symphonic ecstasy.

Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan & Rilee Marks – Private Voyeur

Elle and Malena are at the end of a great day at the beach. After dinner Malena starts a fire and Elle opens a bottle of her favorite wine. After a few drinks Malena decides she wants to please Elle with her tongue.

And she does and it’s hot. But it’s also late, and soon after Elle climaxes on Malena’s mouth they fall asleep in each other’s arms by the glow of the fire. And that’s when we see that someone else is watching them and turned on to the point of losing control.