Agatha – Hangover

Italy’s Agatha, who made her Sexart debut in Alis Locanta’s “About a Girl,” teams once more with the director for another exploration of solo autoeroticism in “Hangover.” The story is subtly but skillfully telegraphed: It’s early in the morning and Agatha, still dressed in last night’s chic attire, returns to her striking modern home. Once in side she rids herself of her dress and sprawls on a sofa as memories of the previous night’s adventures put a sly smile on her luscious lips.

And it’s not long before those memories trigger feelings of sexual hunger and desire. As with her debut performance, Agatha demonstrates a unique gift in “Hangover.” It is obvious to the viewer that she’s lost in her emotions, swept away by sensation, and completely engaged in pleasuring herself, but she never loses her connection to the viewer. Alis Locanta has a way of capitalizing on this unique ability — he puts us in the room with this stunning performer and lets us experience every breath, every sigh, every moan and cry of orgasmic ecstasy. When Agatha reaches her final stunning climax she collapses onto the cushions, spent and completely satisfied – and the viewer can savor and share the glorious afterglow with her thanks to stylish direction and a truly impressive performance.