Nici Dee – Look At Me

A beautiful woman sways to soft music under an archway. Votive candles placed on either edge of a stone staircase provide flickering illumination, and a haze of smoke hangs in the air. The woman is Nici Dee, making her very first appearance in a Sexart HD erotic feature, and her exquisite beauty, flawless body, and thrilling performance will certainly win her legions of adoring fans. Rather than a slice of life or a plotted narrative, “Look at Me” is very much a performance – Nici Dee is, without any doubt, pleasuring herself in this sultry offering, but she’s also very consciously playing to the camera.

The combination of Dee’s mouthwatering physical perfection and the understated sincerity of her autoerotic performance makes for a don’t-blink viewing experience. The wine cellar setting, the music, and the moody lighting provide an intriguing atmosphere, and Dee’s sensual/sexual grace as she strips off her sexy outfit all add drama and more than a hint of decadence to the production. “Look at Me” is an irresistible invitation with a particularly powerful payoff.