Kalisy – Just Do It

Gorgeous Kalisy tempts Juan Lucho with a sultry striptease, daring him to “Just Do It,” as Alis Locanta’s steamy tribute to irresistible sexual attraction begins.

When the cute babe pulls up her skirt to bare her beautiful ass and bends over the table, Juan can resist no longer; he yanks her panties down and stuffs his stiff cock right inside her. She’s ready and waiting for it, taking him all the way in, gripping the table as he slams into her doggie style. He gropes her breasts and rubs her clit as he fucks her to a noisy orgasm. Kalisy goes into the kitchen to get a calming drink of water and Juan follows her, clearly not done with her yet. The slender sweetheart squats to take his thick prick in her hand and jerk him into her mouth, sucking and stroking until he’s groaning with lust, then deepthroating him avidly.

Juan lifts Kalisy up and into a seat where he can fuck her standing up, draping her leg over his shoulder, hammering into her pussy. Fast and furious as their coupling is, he still holds her face and kisses her tenderly, as she rubs her clit and squeals with pleasure. Picking her up, still impaled on his cock, Juan sits so Kalisy can ride him. She bounces in his lap hard and fast, climaxing loudly again. Juan pins her up against the wall as he thrusts into her, before jerking off onto her pretty lips as she looks up at him adoringly.

Stacie Silverstone – Undercover Dangerous III in Petrify

In our last communication we learned that the evil Dr. Sharkray kidnapped Jasmine W in an attempt to manipulate the CIA. But Agent William Dangerous infiltrated the Sharkray compound and rescued Jasmine throwing Dr. Sharkray into a rage. He flipped the switch on the laser he developed while at the CIA, knocking out the worlds satellites and plunging the entire globe into quiet darkness.

Now with the world in chaos, rogue molecular scientist, Susan Beman, code name, Petrified Kitty, takes the main stage. It was rumored that Petrified Kitty was working on a gas that could calcify organic matter, in essence turning living matter into stone, but it was never confirmed.

Petrified Kitty was in love with Special Agent Strong, one of the CIA’s top operatives and Agent Dangerous’ partner and friend in the US. Petrified Kitty let it be known that she was in love with Agent Strong but he rejected her, sending Petrified Kitty into a crazed rage.

Now bitter and in league with Dr. Sharkray, the terms have been made clear. If the CIA wants the satellites turned back on then they must deliver Special Agent Strong to the petrified lair of Petrified Kitty for revenge. With Agent Dangerous busy saving Jasmine, Agent Strong heads off the lair where he is captured, cuffed, and made to serve the Petrified Kitty in, Undercover Dangerous, Petrify.

Lyala A – X as in sex

While some women feels hot and sexy on silky satin lingerie and dainty lace, Lyala prefers fishnet lingerie. Her smooth, fair body loves the tingling feeling of fishnet pressing on her sensitive skin. And when she wears them, you could expect that she’ll be feeling all erotic and horny all over. Fishnet mean sex and she knows she’ll definitely get a release.