Kendra Star & Shrima Malati – Summer Breeze

Shrima Malati and Kendra Star, clad only in skimpy bikinis, frolic in the sea in the swinging Spanish resort of Sitges. They take off their bikini tops and begin to kiss tenderly, oblivious to the splashing crowd of holidaymakers. Once indoors, their barely concealed hunger for each other is unleashed, Kendra pushing her lover onto her back on the sofa and straddling her. Shrima nuzzles her face into Kendra’s ample cleavage; Kendra slides a hand into Shrima’s bikini bottoms, teasing her pussy, before peeling them off. As the fingers penetrating her wet pussy get her increasingly aroused, Shrima uncovers Kendra’s eye-popping natural breasts, sucking and licking them voraciously.

She guides Kendra’s hand to move faster and deeper, then lies back, spreading her thighs wide for her curvaceous girlfriend to eat her. Kendra sits astride Shrima’s face, rocking her hips as she gets sucked and licked; when she’s close to her climax she bends over and Shrima pushes her over the edge with some energetic finger-banging. Shrima is still smiling like the cat that got the cream as they lie in each other’s arms, Shrima rubbing her own clitoris as Kendra strokes her to a powerful orgasm. If you’re missing that vacation feeling, “Summer Breeze” is as invigorating as a stroll along the seashore.

Miela A – Contenido

Miela A - Contenido

It’s summer and Miela is spending her vacation in SexArt’s private resort. The stunning blue-eyed babe loves basking in the sun and getting that perfect tan. Wearing a printed blue and green two-piece bikini, she lounges by the pool, soaking in the morning sun’s warm light. But knowing that Don Caravaggio is shooting her, the curvy blonde puts up a naughty show of her smooth and tanned assets.

Nika N – Profunda

Nika N - Profunda

Wearing a skimpy string bikini that briefly covers her assets, Nika portrays a playful yet enchanting sea nymph on the series ‘Profunda’. Against the rough sea rocks and the cool water, her delicate beauty stands out as she showcases her delightfully petite and nubile body. Her poses are naughty and playful as Antares captures her enticing tight assets, starting with her round and perky breasts, a sexy slim waist, smooth, tight pussy, and pretty, svelte feet.

Milena D & Nika N – Panorama

Milena D & Nika N - Panorama

Nature conspires by energizing its elements to draw attention to a pair of fresh-faced beauties. Two female forms, perhaps river nymphs, stands outs against the wet and rugged landscape. A strong summer sun strikes from above, giving a mesmerizing glow as Nika and Milena passionately makes love on top of a river rock, their nubile physique in full showcase. With their uninhibited allure and powerful eroticism, one can’t help but be smitten by a powerful desire to see more of these lusty pair.

Cassie Laine – L’EAU

Cassie Lane is simply the most innocent and most beautiful young lady to hit the SexArt screen. Her soft white skin and big round eyes are sweet enough to make honey bees jealous. Cassie has a secret hide-a-way in the hills where she likes to play by the fountain.

Then she slips into her private library for an intimate sexual experience, then it’s back to the fountain where Cassie discovers the sound of water that causes her to so something no one ever expected.