Silvie Deluxe – Just A Minute

With “Just a Minute,” director Andrej Lupin has crafted a lively, natural, genuine, and engaging slice of romantic domestic life. It’s mid-day and a young couple are in the kitchen. Silvie Deluxe stands at the counter preparing a meal and chatting with Thomas Lee. But Lee is in the middle of a game he’s playing on his smart phone and isn’t holding up his half of the conversation, earning a reprimand from his beautiful partner. In an effort to make amends he joins her at the counter and begins to caress and kiss her, even as she continues her food preparation.

Eventually, however, Deluxe gives in, and the couple – who display an uncommon and engaging ease with one another – kiss, basking in shared affection. That affection turns to arousal and desire and, once clothing has been cast aside, erect cock penetrates wet and welcoming pussy. The couple fuck, standing upright, with only the counter for support, before spreading out on the kitchen floor where Deluxe takes the opportunity to treat Lee to a bit of a blowjob before straddling him and riding him in variations of the cowgirl position.

Shortly after rolling onto their sides, Lee drives Deluxe, and himself, to a final, passionate and satisfying finish. Director Lupin’s light touch, and the effortless, passionate, and sincere performances of Deluxe and Lee create a perfect portrait of a romance in full bloom. What’s cooking in this kitchen? Find out in “Just a Minute.”

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