Samantha Bentley – Spanglish

When we first see Samantha Bentley she’s singing and dancing to the music playing on her iPod while sorting her laundry. Lost in the moment, she doesn’t notice when her lover, Franck Franco, enters the room. And Franco doesn’t interrupt – he watches in amused silence with a smile on his lips and love in his eyes.

When Bentley realizes she’s not alone her embarrassment is fleeting and the couple begin to kiss, and their passion quickly escalates. Bentley, making her SexArt debut, is a British citizen, and Franco is a Spaniard, but the connection this couple share is genuine, powerful and easily transcends any language barrier. Indeed, when two people share such a powerful bond no words need be spoken and love expresses itself with pure physical passion and orgasmic bliss.

No subtitles or translation is required as this encounter unfolds – “Spanglish” proves, with style, intensity, and sincerity, that love is the universal language.

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