Paula Shy – Like Old Times

A young, carefree couple wander the park like grounds of a farm or ranch. They appear to be alone – and most certainly in a romantic world of their own – as they stroll among the stone outbuildings. Suddenly the girl (Paula Shy) breaks gleefully into a run and her boyfriend (Daniel G) falls in behind her. Their destination?

An old barn filled with bales of golden hay. The mood quickly shifts from playful to romantic, and then from romantic to passionate. After spreading a handy sheepskin pelt on the mattress of straw at their feet, the couple proceed to do what couples do when they find themselves alone in a private place in a picturesque setting.

With an intriguing and evocative location and eager, sincere and heartfelt performances, “Like Old Times” provides a detailed and extremely engaging illustration of the old expression “a roll in the hay.”

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