Mima A – After Sunbathing

It’s just another, relaxed and uneventful, summer day. Shapely blonde Mima A and her companion, Matt Ice, lounge poolside – nowhere to go, no friends to entertain, not a care in the world. But even sunbathing gets boring after a while and they decide a change of scene is in order. The cool sheets of a canopy bed provide the perfect sanctuary and they quickly take advantage of the accommodations. Though their hungers and desires are equal and mutual, Matt takes the lead by moving between Mima’s legs and hungrily savoring the moist and tender flesh he finds there.

After she’s been suitably satisfied, Mima demonstrates her own oral abilities and showcases a sucking style with an impressive hands-off flair. Matt can only endure that brand of ecstasy for so long and he soon places Mima on the mattress and proceeds to nail her into position. After letting Matt set the pace of her pleasure Mima takes the reins and assumes the cowgirl stance for a vigorous – and obviously orgasmic – ride. Then, when Matt reaches his peak, Mima takes things into her own hands and strokes him to a dramatic finish.

It’s just another day in the life of two lovers – and that’s precisely what makes “After Sunbathing” so effortlessly enjoyable.

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