Miela A & Whitney Conroy – Free Ballin

A matching pair of blue Swiss balls and a pair of beautiful blondes give prolific and inventive SexArt director Andrej Lupin all he needs to create this appealing, entertaining, and arousing exercise in lesbian erotica.

“Free Ballin” begins on a clever and carefree note: Miela A and Whitney Conroy, both barefoot, topless and wearing shorts, bounce gleefully on the elastic spheres. The smiles on their faces are undeniably genuine and the beauty of their bodies in motion – particularly when Lupin shifts to ultra-slow-motion – is striking. Both girls are completely nude after a minute’s time, and shortly thereafter the bouncing stops and the lovemaking begins. With Miela bent over backwards and balanced on one of the balls Whitney has total access and takes full, greedy advantage of it. In due course

Miela services Whitney with similar enthusiasm and the room echoes with moans of orgasmic delight. Blue balls have never been as enjoyable as they are in “Free Ballin.”

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