Melena A – Se Telefonando 2

A young woman — Russian beauty Melena A — is having an animated and lively telephone conversation as “Se Telefonando 2” opens. Clad in cozy slippers, hot pink short-shorts, and a white top, she lounges on a rug in the living room chatting energetically. But it’s when the call ends that Alis Locanta’s film really begins. The young woman, alone and aroused, begins to caress her nubile body. She rubs the crotch of her shorts and squeezes her breasts, and her arousal rapidly escalates.

Incrementally, bit by bit, Melena’s sexual fever rises. A hand slips into her shorts, those shorts are soon pulled down, the more pleasure she gives herself, the more she craves. The shorts come off, then the blouse, and then the bra. Moaning with delight Melena strokes and fingers herself with rapidly increasing intensity. And when her plunging, sliding, frigging fingers have worked her into an inflamed state she pulls out a crystal probe and dials up the intensity higher, still. Melena’s pursuit of pleasure here is determined, focused, single-minded, raw, and relentless. And after working herself into a near frenzy with both ends of the sex toy she pushes it home and rubs her clitoris until a shattering orgasm overtakes and overwhelms her.

Dazed, drained, and completely satisfied, she collapses onto the soft rug. If you appreciate exquisite beauty and unrestrained female autoeroticism, “Se Telefonando 2” has got your number.

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