Melena A – eMemories 2

Using a device – both figuratively and literally – he employed in the original “eMemories,” Sexart director Alis Locanta uses smartphone video to set his story in motion. While the original told a story of lesbian romance, “eMemories 2” is a solo performance. And what a performance it is! Melena A stars, and first appears in candid footage shot by a lover on the streets of Barcelona. In a more intimate setting, perhaps in a restaurant, she exposes a breast, teasing and tempting the photographer. We quickly learn that Melena is watching these movies of herself, and that she hungers for the touch of the individual who shot them.

He, or she, isn’t present, however, so Melena takes matters into her own hands. So sudden and overwhelming is her desire that she doesn’t bother removing her yellow panties before inserting a finger in her succulent slit. As she proceeds to pleasure herself those panties do come off, and her autoerotic arousal steadily mounts. Transported by the pleasure provided by deft hands and slick fingers Melena A is spontaneously and vocally expressive throughout, purring, moaning, quivering, and even yelping with sexual delight. Not long after she’s practically torn off her shirt, to better grope and grasp at her delicate breasts, orgasm overtakes Melena like a runaway train. Skin slaps against skin, muscles strain, and she arches off the sofa, writhing with physical and emotional release.

“eMemories 2” is a film, and a performance, the viewer won’t soon forget!

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