Mango A – Vox Episode 4

In the final episode of Alis Locanta’s captivating “Vox” series, Mango reads aloud from Elena Bogatyreva’s novel “Night-princess” in her native Russian. The words begin to take their effect on her composure, but so too does the vibrator in her pussy that is being remote-controlled by her director! At first she is able to maintain her concentration, although her smile betrays the tantalizing sensations she is experiencing; but gradually her whole body begins to shake. Gasping and losing her place in the text, she finally succumbs to an intense orgasm.

In the second part of the movie, she is fully absorbed in self-pleasure as she slides a hand inside her tight jeans to touch herself. She pulls down her jeans, the contours of her pussy clearly visible through her white see-through panties, and strokes herself sensuously. Tugging her panties down to her ankles, she moves into a squat and finger-bangs her pussy until her body is wracked by a powerful climax.

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