Mango A & Tracy Lindsay – Workout

Sexart director Alis Locanta begins “Be My Slave, Part Two” on a quiet, reflective note. Mango A, alone on a windy day, fondly remembers a recent sexual encounter. Next we’re in a dark bedroom where inky shadows surround a bed bathed in a single focused light. Mango A is on that bed, and Tracy Lindsay is in the process of lovingly and deliberately tying her to it, with bonds at wrists and ankles. With Mango spread-eagled and secured, Lindsay goes about having her way with her pretty submissive partner. Even though this is, by definition, a scene of dominance and submission, it retains lushly romantic, passionate elements.

Lindsay takes as much pleasure in teasing and manipulating her tethered toy as that toy enjoys being played with. And after slathering Mango’s beautiful body with slick oil and bringing her to a final, explosive orgasm, the tables turn. Mistress trades places with slave and the second movement of this Sapphic symphony begins. With Tracy now tied to the mattress, Mango employs a similar range of techniques, licking and fingering the helpless blonde to climax after climax. But Mango also ups the ante and uses a strap-on dildo to penetrate and pump Tracy’s pussy to a singularly satisfying orgasm. What’s good for the sub is good for the domme, and “Be My Slave, Part Two” is a thrilling treat for those who enjoy explicit lesbian erotica with more than a touch of kink. (Do be sure to watch it to the very end if you’d like to see exactly how juicy Mango A can be!)

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