Luna & Whitney Conroy – The Writer – Night Train

In “The Writer – Night Train,” the ninth episode of Alis Locanta’s ambitious, long form erotic serial, the central conflict of the story is the focus. Luna, “The Writer” of the title, is a woman trapped between two lovers. On one side we have Whitney Conroy, a neighbor, who has fallen deeply in love with Luna. On the other we have Franck Franco who, after several mistakes and missteps in his relationship with Luna, is even more in love with her than before. Whitney is tugging Luna in one direction, and Franck, hoping that a change of location will allow his love affair with Luna to flourish, is tugging her in an entirely different direction. Luna feels trapped, alone, helpless to resist the desires and decisions others are making about her and her future. As usual, when plagued by a problem in her personal life, Luna seeks comfort in her work, and continues to flesh out her narrative in written words. As the story develops several torrid erotic encounters unfold.

In the first, Whitney Conroy and Luna, nude and facing each other from opposite ends of a sofa, masturbate to feverish and intense orgasms – they never touch, but the element of voyeurism and exhibitionism adds a powerful element to an already scorching scene. Luna eats Whitney’s pussy while fingering her to climax in a subsequent scene, and Luna, after a heartbreaking confrontation with Franco, masturbates in the shower while fantasizing that Whitney is in there with her, making love to her, until sadness gives way to orgasmic pleasure. The increasingly complex story, complete with an ambiguous surprise ending, makes “The Writer – Night Train” a thought-provoking and thrilling ride.

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