Lorena B & Whitney Conroy – The Sea Mousse

The ocean is agitated, alive – white-capped waves roll insistently towards the beach and break against rocks and black sand. The strand is desolate, beautiful, bathed in the rays of the late afternoon Sun. As the stars of “The Sea Mousse” arrive in this striking landscape they are giddy, beaming, running ankle-deep in the foamy surf, two stunning young women, playfully, eagerly, entirely in love.

Carefully balancing sex and art, director Andrej Lupin then positions his subjects – Lorena B and Whitney Conroy – on a blanket mere feet from the surging waters. What follows combines natural beauty with artful style, the hunger of passion flows into the most tender romance. Love in the afternoon, accompanied by the sand, the surf, salt spray, glimmering light, lengthening shadow, and the rolling, crashing waves of exquisite orgasmic delight.

Let “The Sea Mousse” sweep you away to a place of extreme beauty and overwhelming pleasure.

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