Lorena B & Miela A – Make Me Happy

It all begins innocently enough. A masseuse (Miela A), greets a client (Lorena B), who quickly assumes the expected position – face down on the massage table. Working with professional skill, Miela applies glistening oil to Lorena’s skin, rubbing it in with smooth, confident strokes, until her body fairly glows.

Once Lorena rolls over the oil massage proceeds in the expected manner. After carefully massaging Lorena’s feet, Miela works her way up those long legs. The subtle parting of Lorena’s thighs sends an unmistakable message and the masseuse begins to rub her client in a distinctly more erotic manner. Now the rules of professional conduct are discarded – the customer craves sexual pleasure and the masseuse is only too happy to provide it. Once she’s been pleasured to her complete satisfaction, Lorena B expresses her gratitude by offering a similar treatment to Miela.

Hands stroke and caress, fingers probe, and a tongue flicks gently against a tingling clitoris. Make no mistake, “Make Me Happy” includes more than one very happy ending!

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