Judy Smile & Liona B – So Shy

SexArt contributing director Andrej Lupin has cast two newcomers – Liona B and Judy Smile – in his latest creation, and this is cause for celebration in it’s own right. These two young girls are exquisitely beautiful, they’re both engaging performers, and they are perfectly cast as eager but somewhat inexperienced lesbian lovers.

“So Shy” starts off in the shower as Judy Smiles bathes her nubile body – her pale, creamy complexion and erect nipples are bound to attract much approving attention. Dried off and wrapped in a fluffy robe, she joins Liona B on the sofa and the twosome casually leaf through a magazine. The mood here is light and innocent, but teasing and flirting turns into kissing and fondling, and before too long the clothes are cast aside and things heat up as hungry mouths meet moist slits and exploring tongues caress throbbing clits.

Yes, these girlfriends are “So Shy” at first, but rest assured, they get over it – and it’s an absolute delight to witness!

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