Jenny Simons & Suzie Carina – Vintage Collection – Cherished Love

After presenting a boy/girl couple scene and then a steamy solo female masturbation vignette, in “Vintage Collection – Cherished Love,” director Andrej Lupin examines a lesbian relationship. In keeping with the style and atmosphere of the nostalgic and evocative “Vintage Collection” series, this third installment transports us to a bygone era through music, costuming, art direction and period perfect style.

With a jazz soundtrack playing softly in the background, brunette Suzie Carina and her blonde lover, Jenny Simons, both wearing the elaborate lingerie of the day, chat amiably. An affectionate glance triggers a kiss, which leads to another, and then another. Before long Suzie between Jenny’s thighs employing her lips, tongue, and fingers to stimulate, arouse, and satisfy. When the roles are reversed, Simons proves equally adept in the erotic arts and Carina succumbs to a quivering, moaning climax.

While the period presentation, stylish execution, and uninhibited action is impressive, what gives “Vintage Collection – Cherished Love” its considerable emotional impact is the sincerity of the emotional connection the actresses share – here style meets substance and the result is an experience that transcends time or place.

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