Eveline Neill – Darkness In My Mind

Light streaming through a window does little to penetrate the shadows of a darkened room. Candles flicker in the gloom and smoke hangs heavy in the air. A hooded figure moves slowly through the space. A man, blindfolded, lies on a platform, his body encased in black plastic sheeting, his erect cock poking luridly through a hole in the material.

The figure sits, spreads her legs and surveys her subject, playing her bare feet idly across his expressionless face. Moody, atmospheric, kinky? “Darkness In My Mind” is all those things. It’s also unpredictable, unconventional, surprising, and feverish in its intensity.

“Darkness In My Mind,” written by Ariel Piper Fawn, explores female desire, decadence, dominance, and the single-minded pursuit of sexual pleasure in unique and unusual ways, and director Andrej Lupin brings her vision to the screen in ways that will arouse, provoke, tease, intrigue, and, above all, satisfy.

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