Cayenne Klein – The Only One

A young woman and her lover – Cayenne Klein and Franck Franco — paddle a small boat on a sun-dappled lake as “The Only One” begins. Only moments into Alis Locanta’s latest release one thing is abundantly clear: these two are blissfully in love. With this bit of information established, and a couple of cutaways to foreshadow what comes next, the setting changes to a bedroom, and the couple proceeds to give their emotional connection a distinctly physical expression.

The tryst begins on a loving and tender note, and no matter how intense their passion becomes — and it becomes, very, very passionate – the sense of romance is ever-present. Cayenne Klein, making her SexArt debut, is a vision of long-haired loveliness and the fire and passion of this encounter carries with it an extra dose of genuine intimacy – we really are witnessing something special here.

In “The Only One,” the romance looks, sounds, and feels exceptionally and vividly true.

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