Kiara Lord & Tracy Lindsay – Girls Day

Two of SexArt’s best-loved stars, Tracy Lindsay and Kiara Lord, finally come together in Andrej Lupin’s fun and flirty “Girl’s Day.”

After a shopping trip where the girls film each other trying on clothes at the mall – seen in playful POV that results in some delicious close-up angles as they undress – they return to their Lanzarote vacation home. Kiara continues posing for the video camera, but now her teasing is overtly sexual as she peels off her tight dress to reveal her natural curves. The mood grows lustful as they kiss passionately; Tracy sucks Kiara’s pussy until she yelps with delight, then switches to fingering her so hard and fast she has to cling to her for support.

Kiara’s whole body trembles, her ass bouncing off the table as she comes uncontrollably. Tracy lies back, thighs spread wide for Kiara to lick and finger her avidly, pinching Kiara’s nipples and her own as her pleasure builds. Her hips buck as she orgasms hard, skewered on Kiara’s thrusting fingers. Then lust subsides into the tender embrace of two lovers who crave each other’s kisses, and they resume their video play, this time both naked and glowing with satiety.

Olivia Grace & Tracy Lindsay – Imagination

A simple, pure white setting allows “Imagination” free reign as Andrej Lupin’s lyrical encounter begins. Sexbomb Tracy Lindsay and sweet Olivia Grace caress one another slowly and sensuously, exchanging warm smiles and intimate touches as they move closer. They kiss deeply and lovingly, Olivia lying back and pulling Tracy on top of her. She is lost in the erotic sensation as Tracy kisses her neck and slides a hand between her thighs to stroke her.

Tracy moves down to lick Olivia through the flimsy fabric of her bodysuit, then snaps it open and eats her with a delicate precision that makes Olivia gasp. Tracy slides a couple of fingers into Olivia’s pussy, driving her relentlessly towards a tremendous orgasm. When Olivia has caught her breath, she guides Tracy to sit astride her face, licking and sucking her succulent pussy. Tracy grinds against Olivia’s tongue as her pleasure builds, then lies on her side, gazing into her lover’s eyes as she gets finger-fucked to a blissful climax.
The sheer beauty and intensity of this most incandescent liaison leaves all – and nothing – to the “Imagination.”

Alexa Tomas & Tracy Lindsay – The Heat 3

One of director Alis Locanta’s most recognizable stylistic signatures is the inclusion of a brief epilogue at the end of his erotic features. He does that in “The Heat 3,” but he also deviates from his established pattern by including an unexpected – but most welcome – prologue, as well. Here headliner Tracy Lindsay, in behind the scenes fashion, talks directly to the viewer and even mentions a handful of Sexart’s most prolific and outspoken commenters by name.

It’s a rare and engaging glimpse of a talented and popular performer that underscores the interactive, collaborative nature of the greater Sexart community. After the introduction, “The Heat 3” gets down to the style and substance that defines the series. With the familiar theme music adding its provocative flavor, Lindsay and costar Alexa Tomas put on a show for one another. While there’s some ambiguity in this stylized footage, the raw beauty and steamy sensuality of the performers is rendered with vivid impact. While there is a certain nonlinear flow to the events, the film consists of, roughly, two segments. In the first, Alexa is pleasured – manually, digitally, and orally – by Tracy.

For much of this sequence Tomas remains standing, but as her excitement builds her legs become unsteady and she’s seated when Lindsay brings her to a final, vocal, climax. In the second segment Lindsay is seated on a kitchen counter. But rather than simply reversing roles and accepting Alexa’s attentions, here Lindsay spends a fair amount of time stimulating herself with an able assist from her Spanish lover, and with an altogether satisfying result. Although it boasts its share of twists and surprises, “The Heat 3” carries the series forward with style, beauty, and eroticism that ranges from subtly sultry to simply scorching.

Mango A & Tracy Lindsay – Memento – Third Act

Synopsis: Alis Locanta’s enigmatic and evocative “Memento” series reaches its conclusion with “Third Act,” but those who have seen the first two episodes will not be surprised to learn that the words “the end” can mean different things to different people. In structure, style, and content “Memento – Third Act” is definitely the third piece of the puzzle – Mango A continues to muse and meditate on love, lust, and relationships from her past, but ambiguity and uncertainty are the rules, not the exception – critics, students, and scholars will find much to interpret, analyze, and examine here. As in the first two installments, a relationship from Mango’s past is coming to an end. Here her lover is Tracy Lindsay, and it’s made achingly clear that this relationship has lost its balance.

Power shifts unpredictably. Passion soars and resentment festers. Desire sparks, ignites, flares brightly, and then burns out in an instant. Love turns to distain, attraction to repulsion, fire into ice. And as they struggle with the insurmountable dysfunction that surrounds them, Mango and Lindsay collide in two back-to-back couplings. In the first, Mango is dominant, employing skill and calculation, seasoned with real passion, to bring Lindsay to an explosive orgasm.

But afterglow is fleeting, pleasure passes quickly, and love is unrequited. Later on, still obviously injured, Mango remains dominant, but this time as the recipient of Tracy’s attentions. When orgasm hits, it hits hard – but not hard enough to heal, repair, or unbreak that which is hopelessly damaged. But there is hope. As day turns to night a subtle change is visible.
For Mango A the past is the past, captured in the three acts of “Memento.”
The future, however, has yet to be written.

Amarna Miller & Tracy Lindsay – Slippery When Wet

The two stars of Alis Locanta’s “Slippery When Wet,” Amarna Miller and Tracy Lindsay, make a striking and appealing couple. Miller’s vivid scarlet hair contrasts pleasingly with Lindsay’s blonde tresses, as do their complexions, the former creamily pale, the latter subtly sun-kissed. And they’ve got a genuine on-screen chemistry – in the opening sequence of the film they run hand-in-hand through an unanticipated rainstorm and their joy at sharing the experience is abundant and sincere. Their affection and mutual attraction isn’t diminished when they’ve stripped out of their wet clothes in the privacy of their shared flat.

Standing nude in the shower they kiss with passionate, playful hunger as the temperature in the glass-walled space begins to rise. An unexpected twist – not to be revealed here – adds fuel to the erotic flames as the two beauties savor the process of pleasuring one another. Miller is the first to reach orgasm thanks to Lindsay’s concentrated and deft ministrations, and when Amarna brings Tracy ecstasy it hits exquisitely hard, sending thrills coursing through her temptingly toned body. In the afterglow the twosome kiss and share the beauty of the moment with each other, and the viewer. Locanta ends his film with a short and stylish sequence featuring yet another sultry surprise that makes “Slippery When Wet” a most welcome bit wilder.

Tracy Lindsay – Lost in a Dream Vol 5

If you’re already a fan of Czech sensation Tracy Lindsay the latest installment of Alis Locanta’s “Lost in a Dream” series is the erotic feature you’ve been dreaming of. True to the formula established in previous installments, the film begins with a view of the star as she sleeps. In this case Tracy is slumbering in a hammock. She’s wearing a filmy pink top and a pair of white panties, and her dream is animating both her imagination as well as her sleeping body.

The dream that Lindsay gets so understandably lost in is about herself, and it falls into three engaging segments. While each of the three phases of Tracy’s dream involve heated and extended bouts of highly-charged masturbation, each one is subtly unique and distinctive. In the first segment Lindsay, clad in a micro-thong and sheer top, ascends a flight of stairs and pauses on the landing. Standing throughout, she proceeds to masturbate, strip off what little she’s wearing, and masturbate some more, with ever-increasing intensity, until she climaxes. After a brief return to sleeping Tracy the second segment unfolds. Here the lingerie has changed, we get a glimpse of her red suede stilettos, she performs while seated on a wicker stool, and we quickly realize that a sex toy has already been inserted in her pretty pussy.

That toy – a hot pink mini-dumbbell consisting of two thick spheres – along with her two active hands deliver the second orgasm of this delicious dream. The heat rises still higher in the concluding segment as dream Tracey frigs and fingers herself to an explosive finish, which is followed by yet another climax as sleeping Tracy returns to satisfied consciousness. And if the viewer is the slightest bit dazed and groggy after witnessing all that beauty and unrestrained sexuality, the film concludes with a punchy, bracing, high-energy epilogue that ends “Lost in a Dream Volume #5” with a stunning audio-visual bang.

Silvie Luca & Tracy Lindsay – Txt Us

In October of 2013 Sexart released Alis Locanta’s “Txt Me,” a single-girl feature that starred Michaela Isizzu – it was also her debut appearance at the site, and is highly recommended. For “Txt Us,” Locanta further explores and expands upon the premise of the original.

Tracy Lindsay and Silvie Luca – as tempting a blonde/brunette duo as one could possibly imagine – play a pair of friends embarking on a mysterious assignment. Their faces a mixture of caution and excitement, they ride the elevator in a high rise building. They enter a suite of rooms – whether it’s an apartment or an office is never made clear. Silvie’s phone rings, she’s received a text message that reads: “You can’t see me, but I can see you!” And so the plan unfolds. The unseen messager/voyeur has left two outfits on a table – he (or she) instructs the girls to put them on, or, rather, to dress each other.

As they follow the texter’s directions the two beauties become more and more involved in the game, and in each other. And, once they’ve dressed each other, they proceed, one after the other, to undress their partner and make love to her. Tracy, on her knees, eats and fingers the standing Silvie to a loud and exquisitely intense orgasm. And then Silvie strips, licks, fingers, and sucks Lindsay’s pussy until she, too, achieves a powerful climax.

While the texter remains silent as the film moves to its conclusion, the two women, as well as the viewer, can’t help but be intrigued, impressed, and satisfied by “Txt Us.”

Mango A & Tracy Lindsay – Workout

Sexart director Alis Locanta begins “Be My Slave, Part Two” on a quiet, reflective note. Mango A, alone on a windy day, fondly remembers a recent sexual encounter. Next we’re in a dark bedroom where inky shadows surround a bed bathed in a single focused light. Mango A is on that bed, and Tracy Lindsay is in the process of lovingly and deliberately tying her to it, with bonds at wrists and ankles. With Mango spread-eagled and secured, Lindsay goes about having her way with her pretty submissive partner. Even though this is, by definition, a scene of dominance and submission, it retains lushly romantic, passionate elements.

Lindsay takes as much pleasure in teasing and manipulating her tethered toy as that toy enjoys being played with. And after slathering Mango’s beautiful body with slick oil and bringing her to a final, explosive orgasm, the tables turn. Mistress trades places with slave and the second movement of this Sapphic symphony begins. With Tracy now tied to the mattress, Mango employs a similar range of techniques, licking and fingering the helpless blonde to climax after climax. But Mango also ups the ante and uses a strap-on dildo to penetrate and pump Tracy’s pussy to a singularly satisfying orgasm. What’s good for the sub is good for the domme, and “Be My Slave, Part Two” is a thrilling treat for those who enjoy explicit lesbian erotica with more than a touch of kink. (Do be sure to watch it to the very end if you’d like to see exactly how juicy Mango A can be!)

Lorena B & Tracy Lindsay – Purple Touch

Director Don Caravaggio’s “Purple Touch” begins in black and white, a stylish and playful visual pun. Although the film shifts to full color after the opening credits have rolled, it will take some time before the meaning of the title becomes clear, but that is time well spent.

MetArt Network exclusive supermodel Lorena B headlines this heated lesbian duet and her costar, making her second appearance in a SexArt production, is Czech beauty Tracy Lindsay. Lorena B puts on a highly erotic performance in the shower with Tracy as an appreciative spectator. The action then moves to a staircase that provides Lorena with unimpeded access to Tracy’s beautiful wet pussy. After a ravenous session of eye-opening oralism the lovers trade places and Tracy savors Lorena’s sex at some length. Powerfully – but temporarily – satisfied, the twosome next move to a bed and the two-headed translucent sex toy that gives the film its title is revealed.

Both pussies get probed individually with enthusiasm and intensity before the stunning beauties make the ultimate connection and ride the dildo to the heights of simultaneous orgasmic delight.

Tess B & Tracy Lindsay – Valentina

To those who know her, Valentina is nothing less than legendary. Created in the mid-sixties by Italian graphic artist Guido Crepax, Valentina was the lead character in a series of explicit erotic comic books that bore her name. Among international fans and in critical circles, “Valentina” is considered the high water mark of pornographic comics. Now Valentina returns, in the flesh, in Alis Locanta’s latest SexArt HD erotic movie.

Although Valentina – portrayed here by Tess Lyndon – has traded her trusty Hasselblad for a modern Nikon DSLR, she’s still up to her usual tricks. The setting is a photo studio. Valentina is shooting Tracy Lindsay, a curvaceous blonde. When the model proves to be a bit too shy for the photographer’s tastes she takes matters into her own hands – and when Valentina wants something, she knows exactly how to go about getting it. What follows is a session of sensuous, steamy, and passionate lesbian love making. Are you ready for some stylish erotica with 60s flair and modern fire? Then you’re ready for…”Valentina.”