Lorena B & Tess B – Be Mine… Again

This reprisal of the 2013 SexArt classic “Be Mine” finds enchanting lovers Lorena B and Tess B reunited for Don Caravaggio’s erotic movie “Be Mine… Again.”

They start with a pillow fight, both girls irresistible in sexy black lingerie. They tussle playfully, rolling on the crisp white sheets, the game turning passionate as they kiss hungrily. Tess straddles her Spanish sweetheart, leaning forward to get her perfectly perky breasts sucked; then peels the giggling brunette’s black lace panties off. Kissing Lorena’s peachy ass cheeks, she begins to stroke her lightly-furred pussy. Lorena gasps with pleasure, hips rocking up as Tess spreads her sweet folds open and licks her skilfully. She moves to her knees as her girlfriend fingerbangs her frantically, grabbing her wrist to urge her on as she cums with great intensity.

Sitting behind the Czech cutie, Lorena squeezes her breasts with one hand as she frigs her shaved pussy hard and fast, then moves on top of her in a sixty-nine, eating her and grinding on her face until they are both going wild. Lorena dons a strap-on, and Tess slathers it with lube, then bends over to get fucked from behind, Lorena pumping her hips to slam the mock cock deep as she fucks Tess to a powerful orgasm. It’s a fervid encounter that stirs up hot memories and creates some delightful new ones.

Luna & Tess B & Whitney Conroy – The Writer – You Belong To Me

A new character gets introduced in “The Writer – You Belong to Me,” the seventh installment of Alis Locanta’s epic erotic series. She’s a former lover of Luna’s, and when they’re reunited after a years-long separation they pick up right where they left off. Tantalizing brunette Tess B plays the role of Tess, and she and Luna are featured in two long, leisurely, and loving scenes of impassioned and dramatically orgasmic Sapphic sexuality. Another character has been waiting in the wings, as well, and that character is the green-eyed monster better known as jealousy. When Luna’s other lesbian lover, Whitney Conroy, snoops around on Luna’s laptop she reads all about her affair with newcomer Tess, and jealousy makes its entrance.

As Luna’s rekindled romance with Tess blossoms, so does Whitney’s suspicion, envy, and possessiveness. Luna’s other lover, Franck Franco, plays a supporting role here, but as the trailer at the end of the film suggests, he’ll soon be experiencing some kinky entanglements of his own in a future episode. As it evolves and develops additional layers of complexity “The Writer” series becomes more and more compelling, and as “The Writer – You Belong to Me,” demonstrates, there ample pleasures to enjoy now, and more thrills, chills, and sexual surprises coming soon.

Lorena B & Tess B – Be Mine

Tess B is strolling, alone, through a bustling arcade one evening. A young couple, walking hand-in-hand, approaches. As they pass, Tess makes eye-contact with the striking brunette beauty. Sparks fly. A connection is made. But no words are spoken. The time of opportunity has passed. But wait! Here comes the gorgeous brunette – Lorena B – and her male companion is nowhere to be seen.

The two women find a quiet spot to talk, to flirt, to plan. Numbers are exchanged. A bond — erotic and romantic – is forged. We don’t know if Tess and Lorena are strangers, never having met before, or if they are reunited friends, perhaps lovers, catching up for lost time. And this bit of mystery only serves to add an extra element of interest and intrigue to Don Caravaggio’s latest creation for SexArt, “Be Mine.”

When the lovers meet again the mood is romantic and the atmosphere is highly charged. Their sexual union is eagerly anticipated and irresistibly inevitable. This is an exceedingly romantic interlude, but it is intense, edgy, and overwhelmingly beautiful. Women in love. Women in lust. Experience them for yourself in “Be Mine.”

Dido A & Tess B – Notio

Dido A & Tess B - Notio

On a round sofa bed, Dido and Tess portray two goddess feasting on ripe green grapes and each other’s luscious body. The stone wall provides a perfect background to their astounding, feminine yet athletic physique while the outdoor location lends an ample lighting for us to see every detail. At the beginning of the set, both are wearing sexy lingerie that highlights every curves of their body. But as their clothing slowly comes off, their hands and mouth starts exploring and feasting on each other’s scrumptious assets.

Tess B & Tracy Lindsay – Valentina

To those who know her, Valentina is nothing less than legendary. Created in the mid-sixties by Italian graphic artist Guido Crepax, Valentina was the lead character in a series of explicit erotic comic books that bore her name. Among international fans and in critical circles, “Valentina” is considered the high water mark of pornographic comics. Now Valentina returns, in the flesh, in Alis Locanta’s latest SexArt HD erotic movie.

Although Valentina – portrayed here by Tess Lyndon – has traded her trusty Hasselblad for a modern Nikon DSLR, she’s still up to her usual tricks. The setting is a photo studio. Valentina is shooting Tracy Lindsay, a curvaceous blonde. When the model proves to be a bit too shy for the photographer’s tastes she takes matters into her own hands – and when Valentina wants something, she knows exactly how to go about getting it. What follows is a session of sensuous, steamy, and passionate lesbian love making. Are you ready for some stylish erotica with 60s flair and modern fire? Then you’re ready for…”Valentina.”

Tess B – Susciter

Tess B - Susciter

A combination of spontaneous and provocative poses feature the elegantly beautiful, yet naughty and playful personality of Tess. Fully naked on top of a white sofa, this brunette bombshell showcases her flexible skills in posing in front of the camera. Straight brown hair adorns her pretty face, complimenting her glowing skin with even complexion. Her sparkling eyes and engaging smile captures the viewer’s attention in every shot as she playfully flirts on the outdoor set. Her charismatic demeanor conveys a range of emotions including joie de vivre, confidence, and a ‘come hither’ look. Photographer Walter Schotten takes full advantage of this confidence and sultry allure by capturing Tess in her most laid-back and vulnerable as well as in her erotic and provocative.

Tess B – Visage

A gorgeous body with a delightful physique sprawled enticingly on a wooden table, her pretty face lights up as she smiles sweetly towards the camera. Clad in a figure-hugging white corset and matching sexy panty, Tess exudes a confident and alluring woman in every angle. While she slowly strips off her clothing, her personality changes from sweet and charming, to playful and naughty. She positions herself carefully on top of the table, spreading her legs wide open to flaunt her pink and moist pussy that is eager to be pleased. As the vibrator stimulates her wet orifice, you could that she is really enjoying the intimate moment.