Paula Shy – Ricorno

SexArt Paula Shy - Ricorno

Paula Shy may look shy as she casually leans against the staircase in her transparent, soft pink gown. Look again as she begins to caress her breast and her hands slips down between her legs. Uninhibited, she spreads her smooth, meaty pink lips and enjoys some digital penetration that leads to a welcomed orgasm. With a pretty smile on her face, you can see ultimate satisfaction.

Jenny Appach & Paula Shy – Night For Two

“Night for Two” begins on a cheerful, innocent note. Two girls – Jenny Appach and Paula Shy – are in the kitchen chatting, laughing, and preparing a meal. They take the food and drink and step outside to enjoy the balmy, moon-lit night. After playfully feeding each other bites of food it becomes quickly clear that these girlfriends are more than friends, and that their real hunger is for each other. Contrary to her name, Shy is the first to dine.

She helps Appach out of her shorts, and then kisses and licks the crotch of her sheer black panties. After pulling those panties to the side, Shy sucks, kisses, licks and fingers Jenny to a particularly satisfying orgasm. Appach then kneels and eagerly makes love to Shy with her mouth. Shy starts out standing, sits down when her knees grow weak, and then gets down on her hands and knees, raises her ass in the air, inviting Appach to eat and finger her pussy from behind. Paula takes Jenny’s hand in hers and the pair share the pleasure of bringing Shy to a delicious climax.

The loving relationship these beautiful women create on screen – and the sexual pleasure they share so generously – makes “Night for Two” a night to remember.

Paula Shy – Like Old Times

A young, carefree couple wander the park like grounds of a farm or ranch. They appear to be alone – and most certainly in a romantic world of their own – as they stroll among the stone outbuildings. Suddenly the girl (Paula Shy) breaks gleefully into a run and her boyfriend (Daniel G) falls in behind her. Their destination?

An old barn filled with bales of golden hay. The mood quickly shifts from playful to romantic, and then from romantic to passionate. After spreading a handy sheepskin pelt on the mattress of straw at their feet, the couple proceed to do what couples do when they find themselves alone in a private place in a picturesque setting.

With an intriguing and evocative location and eager, sincere and heartfelt performances, “Like Old Times” provides a detailed and extremely engaging illustration of the old expression “a roll in the hay.”

Paula Shy – After Party

Three girlfriends have enjoyed a long evening of revelry, but the late night bar scene is now winding down. When Paula Shy starts flirting with the bartender, Daniel G, her two friends take the hint and make a perfectly timed exit.

After the doors of the vacant saloon are closed and locked the new twosome retire to a sofa and “After Party” gets started. In keeping with the after hours theme, the mood here is relaxed and the pace, at least in the beginning, is leisurely and mellow. The couple kiss and caress one another at length, but once he’s removed his partner’s pretty lingerie and gotten a good look at her curvy body he dives in, face-first.

Thoroughly aroused by the barman’s oral attentions, Shy proves that she’s anything but by making a meal of her companion’s straining meat. “After Party” kicks into high gear when throbbing cock enters tight, slick pussy, and the couple pump in a variety of orgasm-inducing positions leading up to a passionate internal explosion for the film’s finale.
“After Party” is a sensual celebration you do not want to miss!

Paula Shy – Sweet Fruits

Playful is the first word that comes to mind in the film Sweet Fruits. Directed by Andrej Lupin and produced by Ariel Piper-Fawn.

I think the European SexArt film crew were masterful with the realness portrayed in this piece. The real life boyfriend is cast in this movie and the result is a beautiful connection between the two actors. The audience gets a glimpse into their bedroom and what it would be like as the proverbial fly on the wall, in Sweet Fruits.