Molly Bennet – New Love

Do you remember when love was new? Do you remember that first kiss from the girl you fell in love with from the fist moment you saw her? Tyler and Molly helped me remember my new love when they met on set.

Chemistry is something that exists between two people that can’t be faked, and Tyler and Molly have that chemistry that made me remember what is was like to have a new love…

Molly Bennet – Red Light District

There’s that place in the city. A place you’ve always heard of, but never got to see. That place where night changes everything. The falling sun gives way to a darkness that fills the streets, revealing the red glow of lust and sexual desire.

A place where Molly Bennet and Tommy Reeves are drawn to taste each other’s flesh as strangers in the city stop to get their fill of their hot sexual embrace. That place called The Red Light District.