Miela A – Pedim

SexArt Miela A - Pedim

Lying back relaxing on her burnt umber sofa, Miela A has something on her mind. Wearing nothing but a white, lacy bra and panties, her thoughts begin to wander and she slowly takes off her bra to expose her perfectly round, supple breasts. It’s not long before her panties slide down and she exposes her stunning, smooth, plump pussy lips. Her glass dildo appears and she is ready for some erotic solo masturbation.

Miela A & Whitney Conroy – Free Ballin

A matching pair of blue Swiss balls and a pair of beautiful blondes give prolific and inventive SexArt director Andrej Lupin all he needs to create this appealing, entertaining, and arousing exercise in lesbian erotica.

“Free Ballin” begins on a clever and carefree note: Miela A and Whitney Conroy, both barefoot, topless and wearing shorts, bounce gleefully on the elastic spheres. The smiles on their faces are undeniably genuine and the beauty of their bodies in motion – particularly when Lupin shifts to ultra-slow-motion – is striking. Both girls are completely nude after a minute’s time, and shortly thereafter the bouncing stops and the lovemaking begins. With Miela bent over backwards and balanced on one of the balls Whitney has total access and takes full, greedy advantage of it. In due course

Miela services Whitney with similar enthusiasm and the room echoes with moans of orgasmic delight. Blue balls have never been as enjoyable as they are in “Free Ballin.”

Lorena B & Miela A – Make Me Happy

It all begins innocently enough. A masseuse (Miela A), greets a client (Lorena B), who quickly assumes the expected position – face down on the massage table. Working with professional skill, Miela applies glistening oil to Lorena’s skin, rubbing it in with smooth, confident strokes, until her body fairly glows.

Once Lorena rolls over the oil massage proceeds in the expected manner. After carefully massaging Lorena’s feet, Miela works her way up those long legs. The subtle parting of Lorena’s thighs sends an unmistakable message and the masseuse begins to rub her client in a distinctly more erotic manner. Now the rules of professional conduct are discarded – the customer craves sexual pleasure and the masseuse is only too happy to provide it. Once she’s been pleasured to her complete satisfaction, Lorena B expresses her gratitude by offering a similar treatment to Miela.

Hands stroke and caress, fingers probe, and a tongue flicks gently against a tingling clitoris. Make no mistake, “Make Me Happy” includes more than one very happy ending!

Mia Knox & Miela A – Dream About You

Two lovers awake one bright morning. Miela A rises and retreats to the bathroom. Mia Knox remains snuggled under the duvet. But she’s not ready to go back to sleep, she’s in the mood for some self-made erotic pleasure. As her fingers go to work inside her frilly white panties her excitement rapidly grows.

And that’s when Miela A returns to the bedroom unexpectedly. There is an awkward moment, but it is only fleeting. Miela soon joins Mia on the bed and assumes the role of eager aggressor. Already primed by her own masturbatory episode, Mia is quickly elevated to an orgasmic state by Miela’s ravenous and insatiable mouth. But this is hardly a one-way street. Mia has her chance to dine on her lover’s aroused delicacies, as well.

And the twosome also indulge in synchronized sapphism during a heated bout of soixante-neuf. If your dreams are filled with fantasies of uninhibited lesbianism, “Dream About You” will be a dream come true.

Miela A – Contenido

Miela A - Contenido

It’s summer and Miela is spending her vacation in SexArt’s private resort. The stunning blue-eyed babe loves basking in the sun and getting that perfect tan. Wearing a printed blue and green two-piece bikini, she lounges by the pool, soaking in the morning sun’s warm light. But knowing that Don Caravaggio is shooting her, the curvy blonde puts up a naughty show of her smooth and tanned assets.

Miela A – Eternel

Miela’s day at the spa turns into a secret masturbation session when she can’t control herself any longer.  Miela rubs her silk blouse over her voluptuous tits until her nipples are erect and her whole body is tingling.  She looks at her tight, firm body and admires her amazing ass.  When she’s sure she is alone, Miela gets right to work masturbating.  Her tight vagina is finger licking good and she doesn’t stop fucking herself until she is completely satisfied.