Michaela Isizzu – Asyzyn

SexArt Michaela Isizzu - Asyzyn

Stunning, seductive, and captivating Michaela Isizzu is ready for a hard day at the office. Wearing a sexy animal print bustier, matching panites with a transparent back she prepares for her day. Look at her sexy, toned muscular, bare legs accented by her peeptoe stilettos. Every mans fantasy is to bend her over the desk and take her from behind, but she has her own agenda. Join her for some naughty office fun!

Michaela Isizzu – Mirror

Breathtaking brunette Michaela Isizzu arrives home, alone, after a night on the town. She pauses in the vestibule, checks a text message on her phone, and catches sight of her reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the entry door. During the first half of Andrej Lupin’s edgy and stylish “Mirror” the focus is predominately on Isizzu as she studies her face and figure and begins what is ultimately a striptease act put on for the pleasure of the stripper, herself. After exposing her exquisite breasts she unsnaps the crotch of her bodysuit, sits on a counter facing the mirror, spreads her long legs wide, and proceeds to vigorously stroke, pet, probe, and fondle her fevered pussy.

Alone with her fantasies, Michaela’s deft fingers tease her to increasingly intense levels of erotic delight. Near the halfway mark Isizzu approaches the mirror, confronts it, as if daring the inanimate object to take her further into pleasure. And then, with her image doubled by the glass, she slides down to the floor and masturbates with abandon until she’s transported by ecstasy, dizzy with desire, drained, and utterly sated. “Mirror” offers a window into beauty and sexual hunger that is certain to satisfy the most discriminating viewer.

Michaela Isizzu – I Me Mine

In her Sexart debut appearance, Alis Locanta’s “Txt Me,” Michaela Isizzu masturbated in front of a window for the benefit of a mysterious unseen voyeur. In “I Me Mine” she performs another super-heated solo, but this time in front of a bathroom mirror for her own private exhibitionistic/voyeuristic pleasure. It begins on a somber, almost melancholy note, as Michaela intently studies her beautiful reflection. The interaction between the star and her image in the looking glass is complex, layered, and at times particularly intense.

Is she showing off? Attempting to seduce herself? Trying to earn the approval of the woman in the mirror? Although these questions are never completely answered, they add depth and dimension to a remarkable erotic performance. Facing the mirror, and at times deliberately turning her back on it, adds emphasis to the push/pull nature of this sex act. Elements of tease here are powerful, and the tension between resistance and submission make for a riveting, immersive viewing experience. Isizzu does step away from the mirror for a while, taking a seat on the toilet, spreading her long legs wide, and feverishly pleasuring herself, but she ultimately, inevitably, returns to the mirror where her passionate fever approaches frenzy and she finally achieves satisfaction.

By turns thrilling and thought-provoking, Alis Locanta’s masterful “I Me Mine” is a must see for connoisseurs of female auto-eroticism.