Lorena B & Mia Knox – You And Me

It’s a quiet, balmy evening. Lorena B and Mia Knox, chatting and flirting, walk up to a house, stopping outside the door. We can’t hear what they’re saying but the situation is all too familiar – the dinner and drinks have been enjoyed, now it’s time for a kiss goodnight…or perhaps something more. Lorena is cheerful and bright, not teasing but not encouraging. Mia is aroused, aggressive, making no attempt to conceal her desire. Lorena eventually agrees.

They go inside the house. No time for the bedroom, or even a sofa – they embrace on a coffee table and the seduction proceeds. Mia quickly helps Lorena out of her denim mini skirt and top, then savors the exposed flesh she’s been hungering for. Lorena is a willing partner, enjoying the attention, and yielding to the pleasure. They kiss, they caress, they explore, tentatively, and then with increasing intensity. It’s when they’re in the a 69 that Mia, in the superior position, pulls out the stops. She licks Lorena’s clitoris and sucks on her pussy until she’s thrusting her hips and pushing herself against Mia’s greedy mouth. After her own overpowering orgasm subsides, Lorena turns her full attention to her seducer. While Lorena rhythmically pumps two fingers in and out of Mia’s moist pussy, Knox feverishly rubs her own clit until the inevitable, exquisite, explosion arrives.

A connection is forged in love and lust in “You & Me.”

Mia Knox & Silvie Deluxe – Hot Experience

Tools of their trade in hand, two hotel chambermaids climb the stairs to a luxury suite – their work day is about to begin. As the maids — played by Mia Knox and Silvie Deluxe — perform their many chores the mood is all business, two women working hard to earn a living. They work separately, autonomously, dusting, cleaning, attending to all the little details expected at a hostelry such as this one.

When it comes time to make the bed teamwork is required, however. One holds the duvet while the other tends to the sheets. But when a pillow is repositioned – and reveals a sex toy left behind by the room’s occupants – the workaday atmosphere evaporates and the two maids take a spontaneous sex break. Their attraction to one another is obvious and sincere, but they are on the job, after all, so the pace is quick – not a minute wasted. Silvie sets to work on Mia with focus and intensity. First she uses only her fingers and mouth, but once she’s primed her partner she puts the dildo to its intended use with high energy and no lack of enthusiasm.

After achieving the desired results the tables turn and Mia pours on the passion while servicing her companion. Once they’ve satisfied their mutual hunger it’s back to work – but the powerful pleasures of this “Hot Experience” will linger on and on.

Mia Knox & Miela A – Dream About You

Two lovers awake one bright morning. Miela A rises and retreats to the bathroom. Mia Knox remains snuggled under the duvet. But she’s not ready to go back to sleep, she’s in the mood for some self-made erotic pleasure. As her fingers go to work inside her frilly white panties her excitement rapidly grows.

And that’s when Miela A returns to the bedroom unexpectedly. There is an awkward moment, but it is only fleeting. Miela soon joins Mia on the bed and assumes the role of eager aggressor. Already primed by her own masturbatory episode, Mia is quickly elevated to an orgasmic state by Miela’s ravenous and insatiable mouth. But this is hardly a one-way street. Mia has her chance to dine on her lover’s aroused delicacies, as well.

And the twosome also indulge in synchronized sapphism during a heated bout of soixante-neuf. If your dreams are filled with fantasies of uninhibited lesbianism, “Dream About You” will be a dream come true.

Kitty Jane & Mia Knox – White Secret

The face we present to the public, and the way we behave in society or in the workplace, isn’t necessarily an accurate reflection of who we really are, or what we actually desire. This fundamental truth provides the subtle background against which director Alis Locanta’s “White Secret” unfolds. The outside world feels far away and their public personalities are a distant memory as Kitty Jane and Mia Knox meet to share their most private and passionate desires.

As the clandestine lovers caress and kiss, Locanta’s camera joins them behind the locked doors of the boudoir and moves easily across and under the soft sheets to capture both the romantic intimacy and the feverish passion that binds them together. Ranging from sweet, innocent, and intimate, to boldly and brazenly explicit, this is lovemaking that knows no bounds — woman to woman, uninhibited, ravenous. Leave the outside world behind and enter the private realm of “White Secret,” it’s a place you’ll never want to leave and won’t soon forget.