Marica Hase – Mizu

Marica is from Japan. She knows a hand full of words in English and that’s probably a conservative estimate. When I met her I was told she was a fan of my work and of SexArt. Although we could not talk to each other, there was something in her eyes and in her smile that said she was right for us, and I was right.

This is a rare opportunity to see Marica Hase in the United States, where her pussy is not blocked out of the screen and her spirit is set free. Marica likes American boys very much, and when she met Michael Vegas I could tell right away she wanted him. Watch as she repeatedly bursts out in pleasure with Michael inside her in, Mizu.

Cindy Starfall & Marica Hase – Undercover Dangerous

Kyoto Japan. Agent William Dangerous is airdropped into the Kyoto mountains with his trusty one hundred and fifteen thousand dollar Fisker Karma. Once there his mission is to meet Agent Cindy Starfall and Special Agent Marica Hase for debriefing. But Agent Dangerous takes an unexpected detour to meet his one and only love, and now rogue agent, Red One.

On the edge of the road Agent Dangerous embraces Agent Red One. They kiss passionately when suddenly everything goes wrong. Agent Red One has not only gone rogue, she’s now his sworn enemy and tries to do Agent Dangerous in. Join Agent Dangerous as he discovers his love, rogue agent Red One, has turned the tables and warned the forces of Evil of his arrival in, Undercover Dangerous.