Cindy Starfall & Malena Morgan – Release The Dragon

Chinatown. Night. The sky is crystal clear as the Dragon’s eye looks down upon the Earth where two young souls are about to join in extreme sexual heat. Having just landed at LAX from Paris, Malena Morgan is spirited off to meet Cindy Starfall for dinner in a secret garden deep in the heart of Chinatown.

The two have never met before, but they know each other. For months Malena has been hearing of Cindy, watching her in her movies, wanting to taste Cindy’s Asian charms… Tonight she will get more than her fill as she and Cindy finally meet outside, under the stars in, Release The Dragon.

Jasmine W, Lily Love, Malena Morgan – At The Movies

So every now and then I invite the gang over to the SexArt screening room to show off the latest movie. This time I invited Malena Morgan, Jasmine W., Sasha Heart, Richie Calhoun and Lily Love. As always, they get their screening tickets from the SexArt Usher, who controls the screening room.

Moments after the coming attractions start, Richie and Lily realize they have a thing for each other. And, as is customary in the SexArt theater, when you make a connection, you must act on it. But Sasha seems to object, and, as usual, when someone doesn’t like sex in the theater, they are escorted out so the movie and the sex can go on uninterrupted in, At The Movies.

Dani Daniels & Malena Morgan – Cape Town

As part of her globe trek, Malena Morgan takes her private jet to the souther tip of Africa to her exclusive home nestled in the mountains of Cape Town.

But Dani Daniels is in town for a visit, and the moment Melina heard of Dani’s trip she sent her people to fetch her from the airport the moment she landed. Dani is fed, bathed on oils, and set to relax out on the miranda where Malena is sure to arrive shortly. See it as it happened in Cape Town.

Jessie Andrews & Malena Morgan – Fire Dance

On business in Tahiti, Malena Morgan heads off to catch an evening under the stars and watch the fire dance she’s heard so much about.

At the show she meets Jessie Andrews and the real fire begins. Of course everyone there knows who Malena Morgan is, so they set up a secluded area where she can watch the show in private – and that’s where things get really hot. Watch as these two beautiful women make passionate love by the Fire Dance.

Charlotte Stokely, Elle Alexandra, Malena Morgan – Lingerie

In Beverly Hills California there is a lingerie store somewhere off Rodeo Drive. It’s very exclusive so we can’t reveal the name of the establishment, But I’ll give you a hint. You can find it by looking up and following the mature palm trees, just past the Beverly Hills Library.

It’s a Lingerie store for the rich and famous. A place where beautiful young Hollywood starlets can shop for sexy outfits, and if the mood should strike…

Cassie Laine & Malena Morgan – Eager

There is a saying that birds of the same feather, flock together. It is no surprise then that two equally stunning and sexy young women finds each other irresistably attractive. Cassie and Morgan just can’t deny it and their eagerness to make love to each other is evident on the way they turn each other on. Pure lust fills their eyes as they start with a slow yet very intimate foreplay. There is no need to rush as they have all the time they need, savoring every caress, every kiss, each sensory bringing them closer to climax.

Charlotte Stokely & Malena Morgan – The Artist

Malena Morgan is in her art room on a beautiful sunny day at her Malibu hide-a-way. She’s invited Charlotte over to paint her portrait. But after an hour of staring at Charlotte’s beautiful naked body, Malena is overcome with sexual desire.

It’s not long after that that the two women make love for the very first time.

Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan – SexArt

Elle is at her summer home in Malibu on a warm lazy weeknight.  Naked, she flops down on the couch to see what’s on TV, but alas, there is nothing worth watching.  What better time to masturbate that now, she thinks. 

So she takes out her favorite toy and does herself but good.  And it’s hot.  Elle brings herself to maximum delight and nearly passes out from exhaustion.  But it is what happens after she leaves the room that will bring you to a new level of erotica, and it’s the last thing you’d expect.