Lorena B & Tracy A – Stay Sweet

The two stars of Don Caravaggio’s “Stay Sweet” make a fine pair by virtue of their similarities as well as their differences. Both performers share somewhat similar physiques – small breasts, ripe asses, long legs – but where Lorena B has dark hair and a bronze complexion, Tracy Lindsey is a blonde and cream-skinned. Adding a further bit of subtle contrast, Lorena brings a knowing maturity to her role while Tracy retains an endearing hint of innocence.

The film, which takes place in a generously proportioned and luxuriously appointed bathroom and adjoining shower stall, unfolds at a relaxed pace and allows the chemistry between to two lovers work its magic without rushing. The lighting is soft and warm, the camera moves gently and unobtrusively, and the performers take their time while savoring each other with equal portions of love, tenderness, and passion. Much time is spent simply kissing and caressing. And when the pair is ready for more they move into the shower where they take turns pleasuring each other as water plays across their beautiful bodies. Two extremely appealing stars and an artful balance of tenderness and passion make “Stay Sweet” a tempting erotic treat.

Ariel Piper Fawn & Lorena B – Horizont

Two of the Metart Network’s most alluring, accomplished, and popular supermodels star in “Horizont,” a breathtakingly beautiful seaside interlude. Ariel Piper Fawn (who also produced the film) and Lorena B are gamboling along a sun kissed stretch of black sand beach as Andrej Lupin’s film begins. Splashing in the surf, running on the strand, dancing, and laughing, “Horizont” captures an afternoon that is by turns gleeful, joyous, romantic, playful, and sexually charged.

The pairing of these two distinctly different yet equally stunning models is particularly effective. Lorena has her way with Ariel first, utilizing her skilled hands and probing fingers to bring her voluptuous partner to orgasm. Next Ariel makes love to Lorena with her mouth and then vigorously strokes her clitoris to a thrilling climax. Bathed in the shared afterglow of orgasm and the rays of the setting sun, “Horizont” provides the viewer with a soul-stirring view of an idyllic erotic interlude that will linger long in memory.

Lorena B & Mia Knox – You And Me

It’s a quiet, balmy evening. Lorena B and Mia Knox, chatting and flirting, walk up to a house, stopping outside the door. We can’t hear what they’re saying but the situation is all too familiar – the dinner and drinks have been enjoyed, now it’s time for a kiss goodnight…or perhaps something more. Lorena is cheerful and bright, not teasing but not encouraging. Mia is aroused, aggressive, making no attempt to conceal her desire. Lorena eventually agrees.

They go inside the house. No time for the bedroom, or even a sofa – they embrace on a coffee table and the seduction proceeds. Mia quickly helps Lorena out of her denim mini skirt and top, then savors the exposed flesh she’s been hungering for. Lorena is a willing partner, enjoying the attention, and yielding to the pleasure. They kiss, they caress, they explore, tentatively, and then with increasing intensity. It’s when they’re in the a 69 that Mia, in the superior position, pulls out the stops. She licks Lorena’s clitoris and sucks on her pussy until she’s thrusting her hips and pushing herself against Mia’s greedy mouth. After her own overpowering orgasm subsides, Lorena turns her full attention to her seducer. While Lorena rhythmically pumps two fingers in and out of Mia’s moist pussy, Knox feverishly rubs her own clit until the inevitable, exquisite, explosion arrives.

A connection is forged in love and lust in “You & Me.”

Brandy A & Lorena B – Hielo Caliente

Don Caravaggio’s “Hielo Caliente” begins on a somewhat mysterious note. We see a shadow on a wall of a woman hard at work in a dimly lit room. Only after the camera pulls back do we see that it’s Metart’s exclusive supermodel Lorena B, and that she’s chipping away at chunks of ice. After placing the chips in a metal bowl she joins blonde Brandy A on a low sofa and the seduction “Hielo Caliente” beings.

The pace here is deliberately measured — Lorena takes her sweet time teasing Brandy, rubbing and caressing her skin with pieces of rapidly melting ice – and any tiny bit of resistance Brandy may have felt towards Lorena’s sexual aggression melts every bit as rapidly. But, just as ice turns into water, the sexual temperature of this lesbian liaison transitions from casual to carnal quickly. While the introduction may be leisurely, once the action has reached a full boil it is particularly vigorous, energetic, ravenous, and uninhibited.
The ice is a clever and seductive device, but the raw lesbian heat so artfully and explicitly captured here is the heart and soul of this Sexart feature.

Lorena B & Tracy Lindsay – Purple Touch

Director Don Caravaggio’s “Purple Touch” begins in black and white, a stylish and playful visual pun. Although the film shifts to full color after the opening credits have rolled, it will take some time before the meaning of the title becomes clear, but that is time well spent.

MetArt Network exclusive supermodel Lorena B headlines this heated lesbian duet and her costar, making her second appearance in a SexArt production, is Czech beauty Tracy Lindsay. Lorena B puts on a highly erotic performance in the shower with Tracy as an appreciative spectator. The action then moves to a staircase that provides Lorena with unimpeded access to Tracy’s beautiful wet pussy. After a ravenous session of eye-opening oralism the lovers trade places and Tracy savors Lorena’s sex at some length. Powerfully – but temporarily – satisfied, the twosome next move to a bed and the two-headed translucent sex toy that gives the film its title is revealed.

Both pussies get probed individually with enthusiasm and intensity before the stunning beauties make the ultimate connection and ride the dildo to the heights of simultaneous orgasmic delight.

Lorena B & Whitney Conroy – The Sea Mousse

The ocean is agitated, alive – white-capped waves roll insistently towards the beach and break against rocks and black sand. The strand is desolate, beautiful, bathed in the rays of the late afternoon Sun. As the stars of “The Sea Mousse” arrive in this striking landscape they are giddy, beaming, running ankle-deep in the foamy surf, two stunning young women, playfully, eagerly, entirely in love.

Carefully balancing sex and art, director Andrej Lupin then positions his subjects – Lorena B and Whitney Conroy – on a blanket mere feet from the surging waters. What follows combines natural beauty with artful style, the hunger of passion flows into the most tender romance. Love in the afternoon, accompanied by the sand, the surf, salt spray, glimmering light, lengthening shadow, and the rolling, crashing waves of exquisite orgasmic delight.

Let “The Sea Mousse” sweep you away to a place of extreme beauty and overwhelming pleasure.