Jasmine W, Lily Love, Malena Morgan – At The Movies

So every now and then I invite the gang over to the SexArt screening room to show off the latest movie. This time I invited Malena Morgan, Jasmine W., Sasha Heart, Richie Calhoun and Lily Love. As always, they get their screening tickets from the SexArt Usher, who controls the screening room.

Moments after the coming attractions start, Richie and Lily realize they have a thing for each other. And, as is customary in the SexArt theater, when you make a connection, you must act on it. But Sasha seems to object, and, as usual, when someone doesn’t like sex in the theater, they are escorted out so the movie and the sex can go on uninterrupted in, At The Movies.

Lily Love – The Date

It was late Saturday night and Lily Love was alone in my Malibu house. She was in town on business and since I was heading out of the country for a shoot, I let her stay there for the weekend. She promised, no parties, no boys, just a movie and some alone time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the night sky.

Of course she probably meant what she said when she said it, but the moment she stumbled across my Rolodex and found Tyler Nixon’s telephone number, well, she couldn’t help herself. Now she waits with excited anticipation out by the pool for Tyler to show up, masturbating at the thought of making love to him in, The Date.