Layla Black & Whitney Conroy – Before The Exam

Surrounded by text books, lecture notes, and research materials, Whitney Conroy and Layla Black are studying intently for an upcoming text in their college psychology class. Focused and intense, they pore over the dense and difficult material, helping each other better understand complex concepts so they can both score well on the impending exam. But even the most gifted of students can only maintain such a high level of concentration for so long, and soon they’re joking and teasing each other.

As the stresses of an extended study session evaporate, playful and provocative inspiration strikes – a tentative kiss soon follows. And then another. Shortly thereafter the clothes come off and the only psychology they’re thinking about concerns hungry libidos and the urge to give and experience the pleasures of orgasm. Conroy and Black make a particularly pretty pairing, and they partake of each other with unbridled desire, high energy, and uninhibited delight. “Before the Exam” earns high marks for enthusiastic performances and explicit, orgasmic, lesbian sexuality.