Jessie Jazz – Care

The rising sun of morning fills a bedroom with soft, diffused light. A platinum blonde – Jessie Jazz, making her debut appearance in a Sexart HD erotic movie – lounges on the white sheets of her bed wearing a black lingerie ensemble. Perhaps inspired by dreams she had during the night, Jessie begins to caress her shapely body slowly, lovingly. After removing her bra she applies drops of oil to her skin and strokes it across her torso. When she’s removed her thong panties she applies still more oil to her body.

Jessie Jazz is clearly enjoying this sensual ritual, and takes her time savoring the touch of her own hands, the feeling of her slick skin, and the heat that’s building inside her. Director Andrej Lupin lets the scene unfold at its own leisurely pace. His camera glides in close, next to his star on those soft sheets, and then soars overhead for a bird’s eye view of an undeniably beautiful body in impassioned motion. Jessie Jazz teases herself, using both hands to stroke and squeeze her pussy and caress and cradle her breasts. After penetrating herself with two insistent fingers orgasm approaches, accelerates, and overtakes her. She relaxes onto the mattress, and even as her ecstasy subsides her fingers remain at work, and “Care” reaches its conclusion with a subtle suggestion of pleasures yet to come.