Elle Alexandra & Jessie Andrews – Winter Solstice

Last month Jessie Andrews, Elle Alexandra, myself and my crew flew out to the Swiss Alps for a day of skiing, snowball fights and hot coco.

After the sun vanished behind the mountains, Jessie and Elle warmed themselves by glow of the crystal fire where their passions overtook them. In front of the orange glow, and in front of my camera lenses, the two young beauties made love to each other on the night of the Winter Solstice.

Jessie Andrews & Sophia – Vegas

Take a quick trip over to Vegas and stop by the SexArt Hotel and Casino for a quick game of craps, slot machines, Texas Hold’em, a round at the roulette wheel, and an eye full of hot SexArt women. This weekend a group of the SexArt girls headed out to the 6 thousand square foot hotel suite in the SexArt Casino for fun in the sun, at the pool, and then some serious gambling.

After an amazing winning round at the craps table, Sophia Jade decides to trade her winnings in for an evening with Jessie Andrews – who is more than happy to tender payment – just the way Sophia likes it. See how hot it gets in, Vegas.

Jessie Andrews & Malena Morgan – Fire Dance

On business in Tahiti, Malena Morgan heads off to catch an evening under the stars and watch the fire dance she’s heard so much about.

At the show she meets Jessie Andrews and the real fire begins. Of course everyone there knows who Malena Morgan is, so they set up a secluded area where she can watch the show in private – and that’s where things get really hot. Watch as these two beautiful women make passionate love by the Fire Dance.

Jessie Andrews – The Rickshaw

When I was visiting in China I used to see a lone Rickshaw driver trotting through the little village I stayed in. I saw him almost every day, and each time he had a beautiful woman in tow. One day my friends and I decided to follow him to see where he was taking these beautiful women.

We followed through the fields along the gravel road where he finally stopped by this special place in the mountains. There he made love to these beautiful…

Jessie Andrews – Enchantress

The definition of enchantress is: A woman who is considered dangerously seductive. When I met Jessie Andrews for the first time I thought to myself, now that is a dangerously seductive woman.

So I present to you the image I saw in my mind when I first met Jessie, that image of the Enchantress.