Candy Wais & Jenny Appach – Zatleskej

The title of Alis Locanta’s Sexart HD erotic feature, “Zatleskej,” means “clap your hands” in English, and refers to a child’s game similar to Blind Man’s Buff. Auburn-haired Jenny Appach wears the blindfold as the film begins, and her blonde playmate, Candy Wais, runs off to hide. Every time Appach says “Zatleskej,” Wais responds by clapping her hands. Using this form of call and response Wais playfully leads Appach indoors and ultimately into the bathroom where she teasingly spritzes Appach with a spray from the shower.

And here the innocent game takes a turn for the serious…and sultry. Kissing leads to caressing with Appach taking the more aggressive role. Once she’s gotten Candy out of her clothes she sits her down and proceeds to make a meal of the blonde’s pussy. Fingering follows the tonguing and soon Wais is swept away on waves of orgasmic delight. Rather than return the oral favor, Candy chooses to stimulate Jenny using only her hands and fingers and her manual dexterity quickly works its pussy-pleasing magic.
It may take its inspiration from a childish game, but “Zatleskej” offers serious adult fun.

Jenny Appach & Paula Shy – Night For Two

“Night for Two” begins on a cheerful, innocent note. Two girls – Jenny Appach and Paula Shy – are in the kitchen chatting, laughing, and preparing a meal. They take the food and drink and step outside to enjoy the balmy, moon-lit night. After playfully feeding each other bites of food it becomes quickly clear that these girlfriends are more than friends, and that their real hunger is for each other. Contrary to her name, Shy is the first to dine.

She helps Appach out of her shorts, and then kisses and licks the crotch of her sheer black panties. After pulling those panties to the side, Shy sucks, kisses, licks and fingers Jenny to a particularly satisfying orgasm. Appach then kneels and eagerly makes love to Shy with her mouth. Shy starts out standing, sits down when her knees grow weak, and then gets down on her hands and knees, raises her ass in the air, inviting Appach to eat and finger her pussy from behind. Paula takes Jenny’s hand in hers and the pair share the pleasure of bringing Shy to a delicious climax.

The loving relationship these beautiful women create on screen – and the sexual pleasure they share so generously – makes “Night for Two” a night to remember.

Jenny Appach & Tea Jul – Gira La Moda

Director Alis Locanta’s latest foray into femme-to-femme eroticism takes its title and inspiration from a board game, “Gira La Moda,” which means “Turn the Fashion” in translation. Two girlfriends – Tea Jul and Jenny Appach – are spread out on the floor, paging through fashion magazines, cutting out pictures, and enjoying a relaxed, playful afternoon together.

But when Appach uses her shears to cut and remove Jul’s tank top the mood switches from relaxed and playful to aroused and sultry. Jul rubs her pussy in anticipation as Appach licks and kisses her beautiful breasts, and then sighs and moans when Jenny begins to lick her slit and suck eagerly on her clit. After completely satisfying her lover, Appach gets on all fours and offers herself to Jul who licks and fingers her from behind. After enjoying individual orgasms, the twosome move into a sixty-nine and treat each other to a pair of intense simultaneous climaxes.

After the heat of this indoor encounter, Locanta concludes his movie with slow-motion footage of his stars relaxing in a swimming pool – a very cool ending to a very hot film.