Jasmine W – The Return

There was a promise made back in June. A promise between two young lovers. A promise to share two souls as one. A promise to forget me and my crew, forget the where, the when or the how. Just be together as one. That promise was between Logan Pierce and Jasmine W. And that was a promise they kept.

Now join Jasmine and Logan as they once again turn their two souls into one while allowing us in as silent voyeurs. Be with them as they make love the way lovers do in, The Return.

Jasmine W – Ardens

Jasmine W - Ardens

Jasmine finds a cozy spot near the fireplace and positions herself comfortably. It was freezing outside but inside, it was warm and the temperature is just perfect for her “Me time”. She’s wearing a sheer black lingerie that hugs her supple, feminine curves perfectly. What we really love about her is her uncontrived posing and sensual expressions. She looks effortless and natural in portraying the sheer ecstacy of self masturbation.

Jasmine W – Koronia

Jasmine W - Koronia

After a long tiring week at work, Jasmine loves unwinding during her weekends by having some ‘Me time’, discovering her own sexuality by the living room. She sets up the mood by lighting the fireplace and slow jazz music in the background. The intimate ambiance starts to turn her on while she fondles her sensitive nipples. She brings out her favorite vibrator and starts teasing her clit with it. It doesn’t take long before the blue sex toy finds its way in and out of Jasmine’s wet, pink pussy and take her to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Jasmine W – Undercover Dangerous II

Recap: Agent Dangerous has been dispatched to places unknown with instructions to recover Jasmine W from the evil clutches of Dr. Sharkray, a deranged nuclear physicist. Dr. Sharkray was working for Jasmine’s father at the CIA where he developed a laser that could control all the global satellites from anywhere in the world. At an instant’s notice, the CIA, or Dr. Sharkray, could simply turn off the global communication infrastructure causing world wide panic and mayhem.

After developing the laser, Dr. Sharkray disappeared and was believed to have been recruited by V.I.L.E (Villain’s International League of Evil). Intel secured from Wikileaks sources confirms Jasmine is being held somewhere along the horn of Africa on a coastal compound owned by a company whose major stockholder is, in fact, Dr. Sharkray.

Spy satellites have located Agent Dangerous at the Sharkray compound. It has been reported that Agent Dangerous has taken on some sort of disguise and is going to attempt to infiltrate the Sharkray defense web. Click play to watch the satellite feed…

Jasmine W – The Promise

I’ve known Jasmine W. for over a year now. When I first met her I was, as everyone usually is, taken by her beauty. As I got to know her I was surprised by her charm, her wit, and her genuine and warm personality. I’m sure she doesn’t want you guys to know this, but in her free time she works with me on set to lend a helping hand and to keep the flow going. Simply put, she is not only beautiful outside, but in her heart as well.

When we first worked together we shot Jasmine By The Sea. It was a beautiful solo piece that turned out to be a stunning movie. Later on she worked with me on the movie, Hang The Moon with Elle Alexandra, a video that quickly tuned into a girl/girl favorite on SexArt.

The next month I shot a movie called Above The Clouds. A hot girl/girl piece with Jasmine and Charlotte Stokley. Again it quickly became a girl/girl favorite with the SexArt audience. Not long after, she became the center piece in A Girl Thing, a beautiful movie where Jasmine makes love to two beautiful SexArt Models, Dani Daniels and Holly Michaels. The only thing hotter than watching those three women make love to each other is the roaring fire behind them.

But Jasmine is straight, that is to say, she also likes boys… It is my pleasure to present to you, Jasmine W. in her first SexArt boy/girl scene. This very well may be one of the most passionate scenes I have shot to date. Sit back and enjoy Jasmine W as she pleasures herself, then joins souls with Logan Pierce in, The Promise.

Jasmine W, Lily Love, Malena Morgan – At The Movies

So every now and then I invite the gang over to the SexArt screening room to show off the latest movie. This time I invited Malena Morgan, Jasmine W., Sasha Heart, Richie Calhoun and Lily Love. As always, they get their screening tickets from the SexArt Usher, who controls the screening room.

Moments after the coming attractions start, Richie and Lily realize they have a thing for each other. And, as is customary in the SexArt theater, when you make a connection, you must act on it. But Sasha seems to object, and, as usual, when someone doesn’t like sex in the theater, they are escorted out so the movie and the sex can go on uninterrupted in, At The Movies.

Dani Daniels, Holly Michaels, Jasmine W – A Girl Thing

What happens when you get three of the hottest women in the adult industry together in a large estate in the middle of winter by a roaring fire? Passion, sexuality and hot, steamy sex.

Join Holly, Jasmine and Dani as they spend the night doing, A Girl Thing.

Charlotte Stokely & Jasmine W – Above The Clouds

There is this house in Malibu in the mountains way above the clouds where Jasmine has decided to stay while she collects her thoughts and meditates on life. There she is driven to explore her orgasm while lying by the fireplace.

But little does she know that Charlotte is also there waiting and watching. See what happens when she sneaks over to Jasmine in search of her own orgasm.

Jasmine W & Rilee Marks – Fidelity

Summer always bring to us memories of warm, idle days spent in the countryside but for Jasmine and Rilee, summer always means love. They booked the entire summer on a private chateau with a sprawling garden and a pool. They would spend the entire day outdoors – flirting, catching some sun, feasting on fresh fruits, and making steamy, passionate love to each other. The attraction is just too strong that these two lovely young goddesses can’t seem to get their hands or lips off each other’s body.